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Vermont Sweet Corn Menu

This is a menu I ran when the local sweet corn was at it's best almost a month ago. 

Vermont Sweet Corn


Sautéed Borgogne Escargot

With a Brandied Sweet Corn-Herb Butter Sauce

Salad of Baby Summer Greens

With a Sweet Corn and asparagus Vinaigrette, Crisp Panchetta, and Sweet Red Onions

Sautéed Prince Edwards Island Mussels

With White Butter Corn, Garlic, and Saffron

Sweet Corn and Fresh Maine Crab Chowder

With Cumin Seed Floron, and Sliced Summer Truffle


Pan Seared Diver Scallops

Braised in Sweet Butter With Sweet Corn, Wild Leeks, and Fresh Ground Pepper

Broiled Striped Sea Bass

With an Avocado Sweet Corn Fresca

Grilled North American Bison Top Sirloin

With a Warm, Roasted Sweet Corn and Purple Potato Salad

Corn Meal Encrusted Rack of Australian Lamb

With a Grain Mustard and Butter Corn Natural

Pan Seared Venison Loin

With a Grilled Sweet Corn Pesto

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