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Personal Chef Fees

Fees listed are to serve as a basic guidline. 
Actual prices will vary depending on the individual needs of each client.
The fees charged include all areas of preparation and cooking, including the assessment interview, shopping, travel, and meal planning.

Cooking Lessons and catered Dinner Parties are also available upon request.

The standard service includes an entree and one appropriate side dish and vegetables.
Each entree has four servings; preparing five entrees means you will have 20 servings.

Packaged "family-style," you will have five meals.
Packaged in service for two, you will have 10 meals.
Packaged in individual containers, you will have 20 meals.

Because the cost of ingredients will vary depending on menu selections,
groceries are added to the basic cost listed below.
The cost of groceries will be billed after the cook date.

Fee Schedule 

2 entrees and side dishes for $110 + groceries
3 entrees and side dishes for $160 + groceries
4 entrees and side dishes for $200 + groceries
5 entrees and side dishes for $235 + groceries
6 entrees and side dishes for $265 + groceries
7 entrees and side dishes for $300 + groceries

Remember this is just a sample price outline.  Each client's menu and
pricing structure is specialized and personalized to meet your needs.
Service can be adjusted to supply extra servings or additional side dishes, desserts, muffins, or home-baked breads.

The cost for disposable containers will be part of your grocery bill.

Introductory Discount: 20% Discount for first service of 3 or more meals.

Special Discount: Refer a friend who signs up for the service and receive 10% off your next service.

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