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Afternoon Menu

Starting in June.  Here's a sample menu.




Beef and Ginger Crepinettes

with Wasabi Aioli and Toasted Black Sesame Seeds



Smoked Salmon Gravlax

with Sourdough Toast Points and Vanilla Vodka Sour Cream



Chicken Caesar Salad

with Shaved Parmesan and Herb Crostini



New Mexican Spiced Chicken Terrine

with an Apple Peach Salsa



Butternut Squash Risotto

with Toasted Hazelnuts



Smoked Steak Quesadilla

with Jalapeno Tomato Salsa



Oyster Stew

with Oyster Crackers and Fresh Cracked Peppercorn




Wines by the glass, locally brewed brews...
Outdoor seating (weather permiting)...
Afternoons start around 3:00
Reservations are recomended...

You scruffy little ... Nerf herder!