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Chipotle Remoulade

This is a great sauce with many uses.  This week I'm thinking of it for dipping Fried Shaggy Mane Mushrooms in!

If you find this mushroom in your lawn or the side of the road don't step on it!  Pick it!  Dip in some whipped eggs, and coat with Panko bread crumbs then fry in peanut oil at 375 degrees until golden in color.  Then dip em in this Chipotle sauce!
Whoooowe!  Dat's good!

--------  ------------  --------------------------------
   3      each          egg yolk
   1      tablespoon    mustard
   1      teaspoon      salt
          pinch         pepper
   2      tablespoons   lemon juice
     3/4  cup           canola oil
   1 1/2  each          chipotle pepper -- seeded and minced
   1      tablespoon    capers
     3/4  cup           olive oil

Combine egg yolks, mustard, salt, pepper, and lemon juice.
Whisk until smooth and light ribbons.
SLOWLY incorporate half of the oil.
Add chipotles and capers then finish incorporating remaining oil.
Adjust seasonings.

                   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NOTES : To sub prepared mayo, omit egg yolk and oils then season with S & P to taste.

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