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This feature is intended to help those in need of food erudition. Please direct your queries to the link below.

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What is the difference between jumbo shrimp and prawns? Are tiger prawns actually shrimp? And when have you ever been to the Gulf of Mexico?
-confused by crustaceans

Great Question!
In America we primarily see shrimp. We tend to call big shrimp prawns, ie tiger prawns=tiger shrimp. Here's the official laydown.
There is often confusion regarding the difference between a shrimp and a prawn. Physically they look very similar but there is one sure way to tell them apart. In shrimps or carideans the side plate of the second segment of the abdomen overlaps the segments in front and behind. Prawns, most of which belong to the family Penaeidae of the group Dendrobranchiata, have all the abdominal side plates overlapping tile-like from the front. A more fundamental difference but one impossible to appreciate in a single specimen is that female prawns do not brood eggs but shed them into the currents where they develop independently. It would therefore make sense to call all members of the Penaeidae "prawns" and members of the Caridean "shrimps" and this is what most Australians do. King prawns and banana prawns are names understood in this continent for penaeids sold frozen at the markets. The tiny shrimps bought in cans or froz en are imported carideans. Confusion arises when we hear Americans refer to prawns as "shrimp".

Can I make a sorbet without an ice cream maker?
-David W.

Sure! There's a method for making Ice Cream or Sorbet in a coffee can. You need 2 coffee cans, one large, one small. fill the small one with a sorbet recipe and seal tight. Place in the larger can and surround with ice. Add 1/4 cup of kosher salt for every cup of ice. Seal tightly and, with a friend, roll back and forth across the floor for about 30 minutes. Then place in freezer until set.
But a machine makes a more consistant product.

What is the difference between Sorbets and Sherbets?
-Tammy H.

About $3.00! Ha! No really, technically they are the same but I like to make sorbets without cream and sherbets with cream.

May the Force be with you... Always.

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